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December 2, 2013:
People ordering oxytocin for holday shopping and for empathy, confidence during stressful Christmas season.


Autism Research:

People on the Autism Spectrum, including those with Aspergers, may find better results with interpersonal relationships when oxytosin is introduced into the equation.

Trust Enhancing Sprays and Perfumes

Oxytosin (Oxytocin) is more popular than ever!

Recently mentioned on an episode of House, and before that on Boston Legal, Oxytosin is a trust enhancing hormone that creates confidence in the people that use it. Based around nurturing hormones given off in pregnancy and maternal bonding, it brings people closer together and creates a feeling of trust while reducing anxiety. It is marketed as a way of helping shy people get to know each other, in spray and supplement form. Oxytocin has become very popular with people who have been diagnosed with Aspergers or Autism Spectrum Disorder, or who may have personality traits that make them less sociable or empathetic.


Notes and Special Information

Special note: Oxytocin sprays, sublingual drops, and creams are not a cure or treatment for any disease, and oxytocin can also make you very jealous.